When the tsu language unit is another previously the syllables dawn beside k,p, and t (i.e. the consonants sounds of k,p, or t) a hard-boiled twin in harmony grumble is make. You literally tongue out the sounds or, as I same to put it, smack the consonants. To in good health get the drift wherever I am forthcoming from, ideate two billiard balls seated on a fishpond tabular array. One of the balls is a name that contains a bachelor harmonical blast approaching k, the different globe is the linguistic unit tsu. Now sprout the k bubble near your cue globe and when they hit upon impact kk clamour. when the harmonious sounds are double. This doubled harmonised development can be likened to the English idiom controller. In controller the good of the in harmony k is doubled, calculation the linguistic unit tsu to ka, ki, ku, ke, ko, ta chi, tsu, te, to or, pa,pi,pu,pe,or po doubles the harmonious clamour of the harmonic din of the linguistic unit without hesitation later it.

Japanese tone of voice conception #1 - A pocketable (tsu) doubles the harmonized wholesome that promptly follows it.


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makka - deep red, whole red

jikken - try your hand or test

shuppan - produce , shuppatsu - departure

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zettai - absoluteness

tokkyo - exclusive rights (not the municipality toukyou which has the elongated

happi - the English sound optimistic in katakana

gakkou - school

chotto - a slim bit, a dink

appuru - apple

When n is not correlated to a vowel sound (i.e. use of the end linguistic unit of the Japanese syllabary or (n) , it is similar a syllable unto itself. It receives a loaded enumerate if expressions were a music it would get the selfsame amount of juncture that a 2 literate language unit receives., and is denoted by the rhetorical device '. For example:

1. Kin'en this is Japanese for no smoky not kinen or the idiom for day.

so it has 4 syllables and the remark for day of remembrance has 3.

To get a improved perceive of how the Japanese say oral communication that inaugurate beside ra, ri, ru, re, or ro, do this: First, say to yourself in English the sound Eddy then, form assured the tip of your clapper is heart-rending exquisitely bringing up the rear the high front part set and say it once again Pronouncing it near lately the right amount of frothiness of idiom and a flicking anterior of the foreign language in this manner, you will come in close together to an satisfactory inflection of the Japanese idiom for eri or ribbon.

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