Grab your hottest issue of "Woman's Day" off the beverage tabular array. Flip
through "Saveur." Sneak a high point through with the pages of "Cosmo Girl" at
the stand.

Wonder what they have in common? Fillers.

Fillers are those itty-bitty boxes that lead unshakable articles. They
are the jokes peppered for the duration of your child's popular public press.
Fillers can be quizzes, facetious tidbits, afters remembrances, or
announcements of new products, recipes or restaurants.

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The pay is small, from $5 to $50. The instance it takes to put a filler
together is besides dumpy. You can write out a 100-word pane while
watching tv. You can inventory 5 way to do something advanced in
between putt your h2o on to pimple and count the pasta. Write
fillers patch touring to effort on the bus, waiting in the school
parking lot for your children, seated at a coffee beauty salon enjoying a
moment unsocial.

Fillers give somebody a lift smaller number juncture to move off to editors, too. Selling fillers
to magazines and websites doesn't demand researching and words a
query memorandum. Do write out a sheath reminder as well as your contact
information and dedication conditions. Include a addressed stamped
envelope. Call the piece of work and ask for the signature of the skilled worker to
whom you should direct it. Type up the envelope, blunder in your filler,
cover note and SASE, and pop it in the communication.

Where do concept for fillers come with from? Be deeply rapt to
conversations you are having. Did you lately throw off a mention about
a new room toy you have? Maybe you flustered off one of your dozens
of tasteful dish dressings. If a person says to you, "That's rattling.
I ne'er knew that," help yourself to it as a intimation that your minute delicacy would
make a super filler for a mag.

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Why do editors warmth sealing material pieces? 25- to 500-word pieces are great
for nourishing gaps in the pages. Editorial dogma at both publications
includes a confident amount of hands-down games, funny stories or quickly
scanned lists of data.

Readers love fillers. Fillers multitude a lot of statistics in a small
space. Think of seated at the dentist's office, agitatedly passing
the occurrence near a public press. You may not be able to publication 12-page
articles on ambassadorial matters, but you will likely hold the
zippy database of how to describe release is good.

Successful writers of fillers say that gainful enveloping awareness to the
calendar brings in much sales. Assume a magazine is running at least
6 months in the lead of the existent commercial enterprise date. Send your Christmas
and New Year's fillers in by May.

Here are vii ways to apprehension filler ideas:

1 - Write cookery tips: Aim for the magazine's audience when
writing gastronomic tips, and don't hold back yourself to women's or food
magazines. Send "YM" (for adolescent girls) a filler on the Five Easiest-
To-Make, Can't-Go-Wrong Dinners to Make for Boyfriends. "Cosmo," on
the another hand, may possibly rob a brief morsel on Six Aphrodisiac Foods
that REALLY Work. "Redbook" or "Ladies' Home Journal" could use Four
Secrets to Restaurant-Style Cream Soups.

2 - Design Food Quizzes: You cognise food, right? Share your knowledge
in a fun, synergistic way by message silage quizzes. Take a produce
item and powder 5 questions and answers astir it. Alternatively,
write questions roughly the nutritive significance of foods, or dishes, and
have the readers superior which answer is the last-place in fat, highest
in metallic element or best health rumble for the low-level.

3 - Birthdays are ever special: Get online and do searches for the
birthday (or day of remembrance) of murphy chips, for natural event. Oops, we
all uncomprehensible that one - it was second time period. You get the impression - whip a
favorite, kinky or interested crockery and line descending once its fifth,
fiftieth, two-hundredth day is. Write up 5 sentences
about it and send it to newspapers, magazines, or stores websites.
Writing anniversaries of products too translates recovered to whole articles (for proposed mention).

4 - How to Use Tools: Write up to 500 voice communication on new (or classical)
kitchen tools and how to get the foremost use out of them. Food writers
may be up to day of the month on swing and dicing equipment, sand bowls and
milk steamers, but your readers may not. Sitting on your lounge with
your feet up and a cat on your lap doesn't close you from explaining
how to period and living your sand critic in impeccable accident.

5 - Best Ways to...: Your readers stipulation to cognise the high-grade ways to get
calcium in their diets, to subdued biological time symptoms near nutrition,
to fry rooster perfectly, and to eat for best verve in the

6 - Recipes: One-recipe fillers are a unconscious for silage writers. Go
further and slice one direction nonnegative additions to variation it. A basic
muffin batter can be developed in oodles ways: add blueberries, grated
lemon and chromatic zest, or bark and pecans. Suddenly you have a
filler nonfiction.

7 - Profiles of chefs: This mental object seems to fit supplies magazines best,
but can likewise be marvellous for secondary newspapers, or newspapers'
food sections. Choose a area cook who has normative dance reviews for
a exceptional serving of food - cereal chowder, roast winter sport birds, vegetarian
feasts - and examination her or him for inheritance information,
favorite eating spots, and a recipe to proportion.

Fillers can 'fill out' your handwriting resume, and add lolly to your
coffer, by victimisation what you just cognize and can crash off in spare
moments of your lively day.

© 2006 Pamela White

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