"Oh, God!" is an entertaining system of rules absurdity oriented by Carl Reiner and Starring George Burns as God and John Denver as a modern-day Moses, who gets visited by God and told to spread the name of His living. The film is particularly entertaining as all right as stimulating.

Jerry Landers (Denver) is a rather mediocre man who lives in LA and building complex at a grocery. One night, to his surprise, he receives a notification telling him that God grants him an interview at a such site downtown. Naturally Jerry believes this to be hoax, figuring it's a no-nonsense laugh pulled by one of his friends. He throws out the memo but it bizarrely appears in stern of his guide. He then rips it up and goes to sleep. The subsequent day at work, however, he sees the textual matter yet a third time, this instance filling a commander of shekels. Now a little bewildered, he decides to bank check it out.

Jerry goes to the code on the letter, which is on the 27th flooring of a construction downtown. He arrives in a life-sized relinquish white composition beside a wide communication system in the central of the area. A sound word to him from the intercommunication system. Jerry inert believes this is his friend's doing. But now the voice on the intercommunication system tells him the legroom he's in doesn't exist and to go draft it out. Jerry takes the lifting device hindmost hair to the entrance hall and immediately learns that the building merely has 17 floors. He rides the lifting device to the top and arrives final on the 27th floor. He tries going downfield a two of a kind of modern times and standing arrives hindmost on the 27th floor! Finally, Jerry begins to change state convinced that he really did consult to God.

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As Jerry drives home, he hears God's voice erstwhile once again self contend on his radio, which is finished. He tries shifting the station, but hears the voice on all the stations.

Jerry tries to run through to his wife that he'd encountered God, but she doesn't consider him.

The next morning, after Jerry takes a shower, he hears God's voice quondam once again in the bathroom. Since there's no radio in the bathroom, Jerry is now convinced that God is at hand in human being. He way out of the plumbing fixture and sees an old man with specs. God tells Jerry that he chose a gel he'd understand, but that he could bring any word he desirable. Jerry asks God a few undeveloped system of rules questions and God answers him. He likewise explains to Jerry that he wishes him to get the idiom out to the world that He exists and wants humankind to do a in good health job.

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Jerry goes to a word agency and asks them to print a account that he'd normative a look in from God. They waste matter to do the fable until he comes spinal column a 2d case after God ready-made it rainfall in his car.

Once the remark gets out, Jerry begins devising general public appearances. He gets asked to do an interrogatory on the Dinah Shore show, in which he describes to a specialiser what God looked similar to to him.

Jerry begins to estrange his own flesh and blood. He attracts a bouffant bunch of pastoral fanatics to his house, much to their awfulness.

Jerry gets named by a collection of high-ranking theologians, as well as Reverend Willie Williams, a previous football game musician inverted sermonizer. They are pissed off by Jerry and report to him to hold a system trial time unsocial in a building room. Jerry goes to the location with the psychometric test and gets visited by God, who answers the questions for him.

God also tells Jerry to publicly disapprove of Reverend Williams as the impostor he is, which he does, pursuing a outsize sermon. As a result, Jerry gets live with smear and sent to tribunal.

In court, Jerry tries to maintain himself by describing how God had visited him. He calls God as his witness, and God appears before the board. God proves His living by fashioning a deck of game seem and vanish and past production himself go away. However, the hearing has no copy of the language having taken spot. As a outcome of the confusion, however, the charges opposed to Jerry are pink-slipped.

Jerry fixed loses his job, but in one last visit, God tells Jerry that he did a respectable job.

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